The history of the Peltolan farm dates back more than 100 years

The origins of the Peltolan farm date back to year 1847 when the farm was established. For over 100 years, the Kärkkäinen family has been operating the farm since it later acquired it in 1917. Right from the beginning, the Kärkkäinen family has had dairy cattle at the farm and various milk products such as homemade butter were made for the family’s own consumption. Over time, the Peltolan homemade butter was sold to customers in the region and the farm gradually took steps to become more commercially focused. In the 1940s the farm started to operate a commercial dairy with a focus on offering additional milk products alongside butter.

The cheese factory maintains the best traditions of Finnish craftmanship

The transformation of the Peltolan farm into its current form was completed in 1993 when the cheese factory was established. The Peltolan Blue premium blue cheese has established itself as a quality ingredient at top restaurants in Finland. We have followed the guidance of Swiss cheese masters – our cheese is produced only using milk from one farm to guarantee the best flavour and unique character. Employees at the Peltolan cheese factory are experienced professionals who take pride in maintaining the best traditions of Finnish craftmanship.

Ingredients from our own farm

We place great importance on the high quality of our ingredients. All our products are produced using milk from our farm, and we take pride in the quality of our milk. We want to guarantee the best possible environment for our cows and we take each animal’s individual requirements into account. At the Peltolan farm, daily exposure to the outdoor environment and regular grazing are important parts of our cows’ lives. The red clover that grows on the farm is part of the well-balanced diet of our cows, and this plant gives our products a unique and subtle flavour.