We churn butter
by hand

Peltolan butter is handcrafted using traditional methods of ripening and churning. It has long traditions and we are proud of its taste, which is guaranteed by our commitment to traditional methods of making butter. The taste of our butter cannot be surpassed by the application of mechanised manufacturing processes. The cream made from our own milk is always ripened overnight before churning, creating the familiar taste of our butter.

Traditions of our homemade butter

Historically, the Peltolan farm – similar to many other farms in the region – used milk from the farm’s own dairy cattle to make butter for the family’s own consumption and the sale of produce was a potential side business. In the early 20th century the nearby village of Iisvesi grew rapidly thanks to the many sawmills as well as the local thread reel factory. This new market enabled the Peltolan farm to grow its sales of butter, which also led to growth of the farm.

Long-time favourite of Finnish chefs

Peltolan butter continues to be made by applying traditional methods of ripening and churning. This guarantees the retention of the full taste of our butter. Our homemade butter is a long-time favourite of Finnish restaurants – it comes with two different salt contents and both products are available in various package sizes.